i can’t move on


It took a while for me to admit my feelings to this person and when i did it felt great, but i can’t move on. Everyday i think about all the what ifs in my situation and it breaks my heart. We have been talking on and off this year and she became my bestfriend, though we don’t talk to much, i miss her. She makes me happy and i know it sounds cheesy but, everyday i think that i can never look at her the same way after telling her how i felt about her. It makes me sad when i see her on socials and Ive wanted to text her and tell her i miss her so much but i don’t have the courage to. I feel so empty

Gender: male

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A. Bie
A. Bie

What keeps you from sending her a message again? I think as long as you’re not stepping on anyone, it should be fine. Also, I think it’s better to be friends with her than nothing at all. Not an expert though! Just my thoughts. 🙂