You forever and a day


“You were always perfect, and I was only practice
Don’t you miss the days, stranger?
Don’t you miss the days?
Don’t you miss the danger?”

And to my stranger. I hope you are always safe and sound. Be healthy as you can you know how prone you are with illness. Today i chose to let go. You have been the most amazing person i have ever met. You mold me to someone i never thought i could be. I have never felt so motivated, eager and driven because of you, i was always at my best when i am with you. You just provide me a fuel that no one can in this world can give me. What am i doing? Why am i posting this? Coz maybe i dont have you anymore someone i can share my feelings to without any judgement at all. You are the best listener and a bestfriend someone wish they have. Its not the same days anymore. But up to this day its still the same feeling i have and the pain that i felt when i lost you still felt like same as yesterday. But no one to blame here but me, yes im the reason why i lost the best woman in the world i have met. I blew it. God i blew it.

I will never have the chance to talk to you again. But let me say i apologize from the bottom of my heart. No you never deserve the pain i put you through. Love is not us, coz when we love no one between two people should cry and overthink alone at night.

But i wanna say thank you for giving me the best days of my life you have given me a wife i will never had. A forever for a year and months. A blessing that i will always be grateful for. A person who once i called mine.

Grow and glow Love, this time we part ways and you get to share your amazing dreams and magnificent mind to someone. God I wish it was me, but no. This time you live freely and be happy genuinely.


Gender: Male

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