Beginning of an Epilogue


Its been a long time, really. I don’t even know why my mind is still in this state. But then, It just feels like I can’t tell anyone about these feelings. I just want to move, badly. I want to let go and not to remember anything happened in the past. If it means to forget also the good things we’ve had, perhaps that’s the cost of the things you’ve done to me, our friendship. I perfectly feel that this won’t go any too far. I don’t expect anything because I keep on killing that hope in my heart. I have built again my defenses against you. I don’t want to care too much. I don’t want to think about you anymore. This longing I feel towards you, its not welcome. Even though I acknowledge my feelings, its just that until now It seems like I don’t have rights to feel this way. I have loved you, dearly. This is the first time I experienced such thing. But loving you bruised my heart and its hardly recovering. You disregarded me a lot of times. Despite of us being just friends, you see, our relationship is still bound to end. That’s what I need. An epilogue to our unheard story, to my unrequited love. Love, that has been long overdue.

For whatever repercussion lies ahead of this ending, let us hope to finally heal from our toxic love, and begin to hope for true love, again.

I swear. This time, this is the Last.

Gender: F

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