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I am uncertain if you will be able to read this, but here it goes:

That was the day you needed to go
A note, i found under my pillow

Twas the only thing you left for me
A strong girl, i needed to be

I cant cry and pour my heart out
I didnt know i was out of might

And then i came to my senses
This time, no pretenses

The pain struck my fragile heart
That forever we’ll be apart

Then i cried,
The only way i can survive


The rain falling down on her face,
Reminded her of the those days.

You and I,
Walking under the rain,
Felt all the joy and pain.

But days gone by,
Her eyes ran dry.

Though her heart cried,
She will always try.


At nga pala, i made it na din sa wakas

Really want to share with this you. Hindi man ako sure kung you still wanna know, but i’ll share it anyway.

Nakapasa na ako ielts 😊 sa wakas.
Got the following: L- 8.5, R- 8.5, W- 7.0, S-7.0
OBS 8.0
Kinaya ko din heheh. Ayun lang, salamat sa lahat at ingat ka lagi. I hope all is well. Stay safe and healthy. And most of all, stay happy always. All the best sa future endeavors mo. Fighting!

Gender: F

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