Guilt of not being a good friend


I have this friend na punong puno ng negativity, pero I’m always there for her, i talked to her, i listened to her. Everytime na maguusap kami lagi na lang about sa boyfriend nyang niloloko sya pero paulit ulit nyang binabalikan at first naga-advice pa ko and then sasabihin nya wala na sila tapos the other day sila ulit until nagsawa na ko sabi ko na lang sa kanya mahal mo talaga sya no? All the topics are about her I get tired kasi pati ako inaaway nya na kapag for example nagkwento sya akin and di nya nagustuhan ang sinabi ko ako yung pagbubuntunan nya. I just found myself one day na pagod na pagod na I absorbed her negativity even I myself was feeling toxic that’s the time i cutted my communication with her. I felt relieved, i felt sad too but there is peace within me. Sometimes she will try to chat me and I will reply but I’m made sure that the conversation will not get too long like how we used to before. She was may bestfriend but she told me that she never recognized me as one, I’m hurt. Sometimes i feel like there is this guilt in me that i’m not a good friend because I left her, i cutted our communication.

Gender: Female

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