Maybe after the quarantine?


Hey, Nong JC 🙂

I’ve wanted to ask you out since I first got the chance to work with you four years ago. I’ve been a fan of you, your work, your work ethic, your humanity, your sincerity. You talk a lot of sense without the need to talk about your self. I have seen your generosity as regards time, helpful hints to students who look up to you because of your craft and your organization. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Since we’ve moved on from our organizations, I can only follow your career move and general whereabouts on social media. While I know people show their highlight reel online while keeping the back story to themselves, I sense a general genuineness and sincerity to what you post. Peeks into your own frameworks and pathways of living. I like your sass balanced with cuteness, inspiration, and unabashed calling of spades when they ought to be called as such.

But among all this, what endeared you to me more is when you generously engaged me in conversation about the hot topic of the quarantine: Thai BL series. I know, I know, this stirring of emotions is not necessarily independent of the effects of swimming into the proverbial BL pool. But there’s a level of kindness that you exhibited when you can easily have chosen not to. You could have given monosyllabic answers, on just *hearted* my messages. But you shared a bit more, even photos of a place where a series you happen to be in while the latter was being shot. I have a feeling you are like this to many if not most, so I do not take it as special treatment. I hope I am wrong, though, LOL.

And I would like to find out for myself. If only I’d muster the courage to ask you for a Zoom call. Or better yet, a real meal together when Covid allows us on the other side of quarantine.

Until then, I’d just be watching from afar how your day goes, the causes you take on as your own, and the all-important BL recommendations- you haven’t let me down so far 🙂 or should I steer clear of Until We Meet Again?

Khop khun krup, Nong.

Hoping you will see this. Hoping you will not see this. haha

Keep safe and healthy!


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