Sea of thoughts


As you go down in the ocean you can find peace. ——You will not hear any loud sounds,screams or even if someone is calling you;it is hard for you to deliver and receive any message. Yes! it is really noiseless and peaceful. The middle of the sea is so called “bottomless” it is up to you how long and how far you will dive. However, the deeper you go—the surroundings will be more quite and more darker.The Sea is comparable with our thoughts, you can play with it, find peace and motivation. But just like the ocean our thoughts are also bottomless, even though you have only one direction there’s a huge possibility the you will be lost. Just like in choosing your dream, you will have unlimited choices for you course(Yup as wide as the Sea).—— No one can tell which is the right path, where will you excel and where will you drown.The only thing that you can do is to learn how to dive in the Sea-of- thoughts, it is in your mind how to swim towards your dream. Always feed your heart with positive thoughts. If you think that you are lost in the ocean,its okay it happens all the time . All you have to do is try to look around,there are a lot of species that you can play with. And it is for you to strive more to reach the surface,just avoid those holes that might pull you down and place you in a dark place.Don’t always go with the flow, you are not part of the ocean, the ocean is a part of you. Remember that sometimes you can control your thoughts but you can never own the ocean. Just keep swimming!

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