Warrior by night

tired one

It has been almost 2 weeks. For this chaos that is happening worldwide. And just like you i pray for a better days. But me I’m a warrior by night. I work at a BPO company. I could just stay at home and be safe but in my world it doesn’t work like that. I have my mother’s world and my dad’s world. On my dad’s world they are financially stable, but on the other hand on my mom’s they’re not. Im stuck in two world and even though my mom’s been imperfect i still love her. So i work to make sure to keep a food in their table. I don’t ask money or help from my dad, its not pride. This is for myself to grow on my own.

But the warrior also gets tired. I lost a lot of battles lately, sometimes i cant keep up. How i wish someone will be there to atleast listen how a warrior so strong has a broken heart and drained mind inside. Its not easy, especially with this virus being pandemic im exposed day and night going through different cities, make sure bought enough groceries, medicines, provide presence to my friends families it important to show the people you love how you value them in this kind of time.

But again, how i wish i can get one day rest to think it over. Get a restart button o refresh this pain. Because im really tired right now and i feel no one is there out to save me, to think i tried so hard to save others.

And i can’t give up, I’m a warrior by night. I might lose some battles but i will always have a heart that persevere.

To everyone out there fighting their own battle, make a way for yourself to have a rest and think. We can win our battles by faith and perseverance. In Jesus name 🙏💯

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