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For many years that I’ve been writing a emotion-filled letter to someone, maybe it’s time to write a letter for myself.
Dearest Self,
I know you’ve been struggling with a lot lately, wether it is because of your relationship or school, it has been stressing you out. You are confused if you are getting what you deserve or maybe you are just confused. I know you every night because of the constantly changing things around you. I know your only wish is for things to change, tables to turn around. I hope you don’t lose hope and faith. I hope you continue loving yourself even more, Continue praising Him, and lift up everything to Him. You can get through this, the countless breakdowns, the rollercoaster emotions, and the doubts you have within yourself. I am here to remind you that you are a human — free enough to feel all the different kinds of emotions, they are valid, never let anyone tell you otherwise. The baggage of hatred and all the negative things you have… its time to finally let go. Let go of the things you dont like doing, letting go of the people who turned their back on you, letting go of the people that steal your inner peace, letting go of anyone who is not good for you and your mental health. Its time to let go. Breathe. You are not a human punching bag, you are not a sponge who is made to absorb everything. Breathe. You are worth it. Breathe. You are loved. Breathe. You are not alone. Breathe. You are enough.

Gender: Female

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